Empty sample jars from Minneralissima and 'using them

I have quite a few samples that I never use because they are in not easy to use packaging. So I thougt it was time to buy some samplepots and put those samples in there.
I bought ten empty 5 gr jars at Mineralissima, which arrived within 2 days, thats fast!
These jars don't have a sifter and cost 0,65 euro a piece. The shippingcosts were only 1,75 euro.

Top of the jars, with the black lids.

Bottom of the jars, see through.

Some Evil Shades samples I wanted to move into other pots. These samplethingies tend to make little dustclouds everytime you close them, and I thought it was a shame to waste the product every time I'd use it.

I poured the eyeshadows and blushes via a folded pice of paper into the empty jars. And then peeled off the original stickers and placed them on the lids of the newly filled jars.

Bottom of the jars,they don't leak, which is pretty important. I've had some EDM jars leaking, which wasn't fun/

The pots with their samples, now all ready to use.
I didn't move the gloss to a new jar, because that one doesn't waste any product because it won't dust or anything.
I'm going to put some Clininque samples and such that you get in those flat plastic bags, in the same jars, that way I can use them more easily without the product drying out on me.