Born Pretty Store Haul

A while ago I was contacted by the Born Pretty Store, if I would like to review some products for my blog.
Ofcourse I was interested, because not only do they sell a lot of interesting stuff, it's also very affordable!

This week I received the package with the products that I picked, and I'll be reviewing them all for you!

The products got here within 11 days, which is pretty fast if you keep in mind that there was a national holiday at the time of the shipping :)

I picked:
False lashes with lash glue that is also suitable for making double eyelids.
Rhinestones with glue to put them on your nails. (but I'll probably use them in looks aswell)
A set of nail art brushes, which  totally adore and I can't wait to try them out!
A (travel)set of brushes within a really cute brsuhroll with butterflies on it.

Everything looks really good and I'm going to have fun trying it all out. I'll let you all know what I think of all these products and if I can recommend them :)