Catrice and Essence products, getting discontinued!

Some of you might know that Kruidvat is getting a new brand called NYC. But Catrice and Essence are also getting new products in their collection. This means that other products are getting discontinued to make space for the new products.
Yesterday, I found out that some of them are products that are quite liked among the beautybloggers, so I decided to make a post about it. That way, everyone might still have a chance to stock up on them.

One of the things I'm not happy with dissapearing is the Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge. This is my favourite everyday blush, and it's now a discon. I'm hoping that they will come with a new blush that is just as great, but you never know, do you? So I bought some backups for myself:

Another product that is well loved among beautybloggers is the Catrice Absolute Moisture lipsticks. These are now discons aswell. The other lipsticks that Catrice has, is -also- a discon, but I like the Aboslute Moisture ones best. I bought 2 more, that I didn't have in my stash yet:

There were a lot of other things being discontinued:
-certain nailpolish colours
-some lipliners
-some eyeliners
-some mineral powders
and so on...

So if you have some favourites in there, I suggest you check it out. A lot has already been sold out, and the products will be gone as of March this year, which is pretty soon.
The only good thing about it, is that they are now all with a 50% discount. So stocking up, if they are still avialable, is doable.

Hopefully, new products will be just as good or even better.

Essence is also discontinueing several products, even more then Catrice.
I've picked up these eyeliners (Metal Glam), because I've had 2 shades in the past and I really liked them. They were only a little bit over 1 euro a piece now, so I bought them all:

I'm really glad I did!. I've loved the brown and purple one I already owned. But the dark blue and aquablue are just gorgeous! The pink one will be fun to use in freaky looks :)

Other products getting discontinued:
-several nailpolishes
-a lot of the Sunclub items
-lots of nail art products
-double eyepencils
and so on...

So grab your favourites as soon as you can, because they will be gone once March starts!