I've won a prize!

A while ago, you could win a Benefit Blush at Caroline her blog. I didn't really notice that you could win a Benefit Crescent Row 2011 Week Planner, untill the day she posted the winners on her blog. And I've won one of the week planners!

I'm always writing -everything- in my big agenda at home, it's almost sort of a diary. I use it to keep track of things I've bought, things we've been to, things we still have to do, work, and so on.

This is a pretty big agenda, since I have a whole page per day, and it's not really suitable to take with me everyday. Which results into little pieces of paper littering my bag and wallet, with all kinds of things that I've to put into my agenda.

So this really comes in handy, because it's the perfect size to put into my bag!

The weekplanner has some fabulous stickers to mark special events or to just bright up your day :)

It also has lots of beautifull pictures in there..

I can't wait to use it :)