NOTD: Black Out number 2 (Golden Rose Scale Effect)

This week, Enchantra has a sale on the Golden Rose cale effect polishes, they are only 2,50 euros now!
So in honour of that, I pulled out one of my own bottles and made this NOTD.

This is Golden Rose Scale effect no 02 on top of Rimmel's Black Out polish. The flakes are much more vibrant, but I couldn't use my flash, otherwise the colour would change ;)

 This polish looks clear, with some orange and blue flakes. But on a black base, this polish turns into darkorange(/red) and dark blue flakes!

With the right lighting the flakes change colours, the bottom is what they look indoors, the top is what they look like in daylight.

The flakes' colours runs from yellow, gold, orange, red to green and blue.

This Golden Rose polish is mostly orange/red and blue indoors. It almost gives the black a blueish shine to it.
But outdoors with the right daylight, or indoors with bright light, it turns into all the colours of the rainbow.

I already own 4 or 5 bottles of this gorgeous stuff, but I've let my eyes fall on no 14, which is now on my wishlist :)