Small Makeup / Lingerie Haul

I recently bought a few items, which I thought could make a nice haul blog.

Some jewelry and makeup:
A silver ring with a pink flower made of chiffon. It's so cute, I've been wearing it ever since.
Some bug earrings that I think are from the same collection as the other bugs I previously bought. They didn't have these back then, and I LOVE them. They were on sale aswell, so double win!
And a peacock necklace from Pieces, I probably don't have to explain why ;)

 Some makeup:
The new L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D, I loved my lash achitects before, and this one was on sale at Etos so I thought I'd try it out. Still searching for the holy grail of mascara :)
A MAC Pigment, Chartreuse. I bought this from someone at Marktplaats. She didn't live near a postoffice so it took a little longer to send. Therefore she put in an eyes/lips pencil and a book! So sweet of her!
And a golden mossygreen nailpolish by MNY, no. 757.

I also had some Hunkemoller giftcards left from december, and everytime I went to look at the sale, they didn't have anything in my size :(
So this week, when I went home from work, I saw this in their window:
It's red and black, satin and lace...perfect for my taste! Since it was a new item, they still had my size and I immediately took advantage of it. Also perfect for Valentines day!

Then I saw this hanging between all the cramped in a too small space last sale, and since I almost bought it before, and it now had a 70%'s now mine:
 Green satin...*adores*

 A simple basic bra, that I usually have in black. But with the discount, I didn't really care about the colour. These are perfect to wear with tight shirts, because they won't show any lines.

And a pretty cute little top, that only cost a couple of euros. Normally I can't really wear pastels, but because this one is combined with black, it actually looks good on me. *yeay*

I might have a new haul next week, since we are going shopping tomorrow and I'm going to hunt down Chanel Rouge Noir lipstick. :)
Do you have any plans this weekend?