Valentines Look: Love+

I wanted to do an elaborate Valentines look inspired by Sugarpill's Love + eyeshadow.
I ended up bringing out some hairpieces and making lots of funny pics. :)

Prepare for PictureSpam! (All clickable for bigger pics)

Products used for this look:

Sugarpill Love+ eyeshadow(from the Burning Heart palette)
Sugrapill Loose Powder Magentric
Sleek Sparkle palette (LE)
Sleek Acid palette
NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
Gosh Effect Powder Purple Rain
Catrice eyeshadow from an LE collection
Wet n Wild eyeshadow
Essence nail art (purple hearts)
Essence black eyeliner
Loose false lash pieces by Hema
False lashes by MAX (Action)
Catrice Blush Wild Rose(not on the pic)

Valentine for me is just a lot of red and maybe a hint of pink, which resulted in this look:

Closeup of the eye:

Closed eye:
 (I had to reattach the eyelash, because it almost fell off, apparantly it took some eyeliner with it :(   )

Weird kissyface:

 Don't tell  anyone who your Secret Valentine is!

Having fun, taking pics:

Having a bit too much fun:

While I was making pics, Loki decided he didn't get enough attention and tried to crawl through me and my hairpieces. So here he is:

And how fabulous and cute is my new ring?

Let me know if you like more eloborate looks, maybe I can do it more often :)

I also submitted 2 pics of this look in the Army Of Love contest by Sugarpill on facebook, which I only found out about, after writing this blog. What a coincidence!
My entry can be found HERE . If you like my look, I'd love to get your vote :). But don't frget the other entries, there are some real beauties there!
Voting period: February 9th @ 7pm (pst) thru February 13th @ 7pm (pst).

Are you doing anything special for Valentinesday? Hubs and me usually only celebrate Feb 11th, because thta's the day he proposed to me :)