FYI: Eco-Emi, Chic Eco-Friendly Products Delivered To Your Door... Once A Month

I have to admit that I NEVER feature a company or service as a whole on The GG Blog. So this is a VERY Special Occasion! In this case, I felt that this was a really fun, innovative concept that many of you may be interested in... especially if you don't know what to look for or even where to begin in terms of going "Glamorganic" Lol.  

Company Name: Eco-Emi

Description: Eco-Emi is designed to be a fun & informative way to try and buy eco-friendly products... taking charge of what you put on and into your body once and for all! With a minimal monthly subscription fee, Eco-Emi delivers between 5-10 all-natural, organic, vegetarian, or vegan product samples to your door, every month... all of which are wrapped in chic, earth-friendly material made from 100% recycled bottles! All packages beautifully adorned with 100% organic or vintage yarn or ribbons. Each box includes an array of products; everything from animal friendly makeup to organic brown rice, all natural perfumes to herbal teas and organic chocolates. The purpose is to get you try a little bit of everything... and the best part is, that the package is completely unique each time! The site will feature a member's only log-in area where video tutorials on how to use each product will be available, as well as coupon codes, product giveaways and information about companies they work with.

This Month's Eco-Emi Box of Product Samples Included: 
Price: Membership is just $15.00 per month (which you can cancel at any time).

Visual Attractiveness: Chic is not even the word... sooooo classy & sooooo girly! It was so pretty I didn't even want to open it... but the suspense was killing me, Lol. I knew there were beauty products in there somewhere waiting for me :)

Acquired: Sent to me to be reviewed with my honest opinion.

Customer Service: Christine is amazing! She definitely puts her heart and soul into Eco-Emi. Check out her heart-warming story of how Eco-Emi began & find out what the name means here...

Loved: That what's inside the box is always going to be a surprise! Yay! The presentation, the quality of the products chosen, and the amount of research behind Eco-Emi's partnership with their vendors.

Hated: That there's a monthly subscription fee... I don't like things being automatically charged. For me personally- I'd rather just pay as I go (month-by-month) and choose the product samples I want based on ingredients I would or wouldn't use.

The GG's Final Thoughts: You all know how I feel about companies offering Samples... only the good one's do! This is an awesome little service for those of you flirting with the idea of making the switch to cleaner, green-er and healthier products- or for a bunch of you who want to just try a variety of new things each month! This is also a FAB opportunity for those of you learning to read ingredient labels. Eco-Emi does some of the work for you so that it's not sooooo overwhelming, which really helps. Plus, there is no commitment to buying a full product. For me, the box included a couple of products with a few ingredients that I particularly- don't use... but that's just me. At this point in my life I have really high standards as far as ingredients go. I am VERY picky about what goes into or on my body- but for others, these ingredients might be completely fine. I'm still learning everyday, but for the most part, I think... (I hope) I know what to look for by now. As a whole, the products in the box looked pretty good to me... out of the 8 that I received- I have used / would use 6 of them. This is totally a step in the right direction if you want to go "Glamorganic"! Just follow the Green Brick Road, my Pretties! ♥ you Eco-Emi! xo