Review: Diva sPoo Bar "Summer Salt Citrus" by In de Watten

When Caroline of In de Watten twittered about Spoobars with a citrus scent, I really wanted to try one out. Espcially when she told me the Spoobars were really mild to the skin.

I LOVE citrus scents, I'm seriously addicted to lemon, but other citrus makes me happy aswell. Literally. When I smelled this Spoobar, I seriously felt my mood change.

I also have a very sensitive skin on my head, and I can't use just any shampoo because of it. So this was really interesting for me to use.

This is how it looked like when it arrived at my house. Totally cute in a chiffon purple bag.
I could already smell the citrus.
The Spoobar itself was packaged in some paper and put within a plastic bag.

The plastic bag has the name and all the ingredients on it, very handy, since I still use that bag to storage the spoobar.

The spoobar is easy to use: Just make it a bit wet, and rub it with your hands. It will start foaming and then you can apply the foam on your hair.
To show you that it gives quite a large amount of foam with just some rubbing, heres a picture:

I've been using this spoobar for a while now, and even though the skin on my head still itches, it does seem to itch quite a lot less then before. It also seems to keep the itching away for quite some time. I can't wash my hair everyday, I can only do so every 3 or 4 days, and at the 3rd day I tend to get crazy sfrom the itch with the wrong kind of shampoo. This Spoobar made the itching pretty bareable.
And don't forget, it's not like my skin with its eczema and all can just 'heal' within a few uses of this spoobar.

I put it to the biggest test known to my hair: I used it after dying my hair. It went perfectly!
My skin seems to be a bit less itchy, my hair smells SOOOOOOO good, and I think it might even look better then before.
All in all, a pretty awesome shampoo for only 9,95 euros. For those of you who think this is a bit expensive, I've had similar products before and I can use these for AGES. They can be used much longer then normal liqiud shampoos.