Christmas Haul

Yesterday, me and my beloved went shopping in Amsterdam. Ofcourse, as always, we didn't find what we were looking for, but went home with lot of other great stuff.
I won't bother you with pics of everything, just have to say I bought an awesome black halter ''50's style'' dress with velvet print on it. Really happy with that one. :)
And some nice books(incl first 2 of the other series by Laurell K. Hamilton), gifts for my sisterinlaw, Princess Mononoke And Kiki's Delivery Service on dvds, Terry Pratchetts Colour of magic on dvd, an asymmetric skirt with laces, xbox360 game for Sid, A shirt for Christmas for Sid, and other stuff. We also went out for dinner while we were there and had a wonderfull day.

Anyway, this blog is about the makeup I bought.

I'll post some pics of my Zoeva order, which was part of a grouporder and I recieved my part yesterday in Amsterdam. And I bought something in a MAC store.

This is the Metallic Stones palette, which I was immediately in love with, when I first spotted it online.

I can't get the shimmer to photograph right, but at the Zoeva Webshop, you can see great pics of it.

I also ordered 2 brushes: the #266 Smudger and the  #315 Fine Eyliner. Both were really cheap: around 4 and 3 euros, and I read a lot of good reviews on them. I also saw them used on some Youtube channels, so I really wanted to try these. The smudger brush is a little bigger than I expected, and the Eyeliner brush is angled, which I think can be really usefull.

And last, but not least, I went into a MACstore for the first time. The guy that helped me, who was really nice btw and we talked some about his awesome tattoo, was flabbergasted for me being able to walk out the store with just the one thing I came for. Apparantly, that doesn't happen a lot over there and he complimented me on my willpower. LOL.
My boss kept telling me about some stuff that I reall should try, and after reading some reviews, I definately wanted to try this one.
I bought the MAC Lip Prep + Prime, and this is what the MAC site says about it:
"A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products."

The reason I bought this, is because my lips tend to really dislike lipstick. I like wearing it, because my lips are pretty lightly coloured, which always gives my face that pale and unfinished look. Normal lipstick tends to rub off very soon and when I apply a second time, it always runs into the structure of my lips. Like paint that gets some water on it, you know? It always bugs me, which is why I started wearing Stay On lipsticks. These are great, but they tend to dehydrate my lips, so they aren't for every day use.
Hopefully, this prep+prime, will make sure my lipsticks stays where it should be, and that way, I can start wearing my lipsticks again.
The Prep+Prime cost 17 euros, which is a lot of money, but if it works, it saves me from never using a lot of already bought lipsticks. And to me, that is worth every cent.