Candy Sunset & PurpleGreen Moonstone

Candy Sunset

Yesterday I asked my beloved what colours I should use for my EOTD. He came up with orange, pink and purple, because those look great together in the sunset. Because my eyes aren't blue like the sky is, it turned out to be a little candylike, so I decided to call this EOTD: Candy Sunset.

Products I used:
  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • 88palette matte
  • Flirty Curl mascara by Gosh
  • Soft Black eyebrowpencil by Gosh

 As usual I started with the eyeshadowbase and spread it around all over my eye. Then I did my eyebrows with the eyebrowpencil and the Fine Slanted Eyeliner brush by Gosh.
I used a goldenyellow colour in my inner eyecorner. From there I applied some light orange colours onto the middle of my eyelid. Next to that and in the crease I used a light pink colour and to finish the outer corner and the crease I used a light purple. I applied it like a little swirl that fades in my crease, like the colours do in the sunset. I used the same colours below my eyes. And last I used the mascara for my eyelashes. I also applied a little on the lashes at the bottom.

PurpleGreen Moonstone

Todays EOTD was made from a golden, green and purple colour. The products I used for this one are:

  • Hema eyeshadowbase
  • Soft eyeshadow mono 'Moonstone' by Catrice
  • Glamorous eyeshadow 'Bottle Green' by Gosh
  • Glamorous eyeshadow 'Purple' by Gosh
  • Velvet eyeliner 'Woody Green' by Gosh
  • Velvet eyeliner 'Purple Stain' by Gosh
  • The Colossal Volum' Express mascara by Maybelline

I applied the eyeshadowbase as usual, and did my eyebrows the same as ever(just a bit softer). I used the eyeshadowbase to create a softer look.
In the inner eyecorner I used the Moonstone, next to that I used the Bottle Green, and next to that one I used the Purple eyeshadow. I applied every colour in the crease aswell and blended them all together.
Below the eye I used the Moonstone and the two velvet touch eyeliner. On top of the eyeliner I used a little of the eyeshadows again.

Unfortunately the flash blocks out the soft Purple colour, I think it's because the other two colours sparkle a lot. The Purple is a little softer than those two. I tried to get it on picture, but the best it would get is this:

Oh well, You know it's there, because I told you so :P

How do you like these looks? And are there some colours you would like to see in an EOTD? Let me know :)