Last night I clipped my nails, because they were getting way too long for work, and applied some new nailpolish.
So today, you get to see my Nails Of The Day, also known as NOTD.
Ive used Herome nailhardener(strong) as a basecoat, I've used this one for years and it's the only reason I have long nails.

As nailpolish I've used the 'Pink Punk' of the Glam Rock collection by Essence. It's a soft pink with a lot of shimmer. I also own the other two amazing colours of this collection, which are a dark grey and a silver with lots of shimmer. (they are all holographic!)
On one of my nails I've put a nailsticker by Essence. These things are really pretty and only cost 1,49 euros for a whole package!


For my Eyes Of The Day, I started with the Gosh eyeshadowbase and spread it out over my eyelids with my finger. I've used the Gosh eyebrowpencil 'Soft Black' for my eyebrows and softened the pencilstrokes with the Fine Slanted Brush.
Today I've used the smokey eye palette by Bourjois "Violet Romantic' and the Effect powder 'Butterfly' by Gosh, which I've bought yesterday.

With a flat brush I've used some of the light colour of the palette as a highlighter below my eyebrows. With my Round Eyeshadowbrush(Gosh), I applied the second colour of the palette on my inner eye corner and a little above it. With a Flat Eyeshadowbrush(Gosh) I applied the darkest colour on the outer corner of my eye and some above it. I've blended these colours together, with the Blendingbrush by EDM.
Between de Eyeshadows that I've already applied, I've used a little of the 'Butterfly' Effect powder. (Too bad it doens't show well on a photo.) This was applied with the Blendingbrush by HEMA, so all the colours were blend together nicely.
Underneath my eyes I've used the Velvet Touch Eyeliner 'Funky Violet', which I've bought yesterday. On the inner corner I've applied a little of the middle colour of the smokey eyes palette again, with the Fine Eyeliner Brush(Gosh). And for mascara I've used L'oreal Paris Lash Architect 'Midnight Black'.
(You can click on the photos to see a bigger version)