NOTD of the 14th

So today's NOTD is actually Mondays NOTD. But, mondays NOTD is still on my fingers, so I guess it's still true.
Sorry, I've just been busy :), I'll try and make it up to you.

I an earlier post I've shown the 'Pink Punk' of the GlamRock collection by Essence. Today's NOTD is made of BOTH the other 2 colours.

The first and lightest colour is 'Metal Babe' and the second and darkest colour is 'Gothic Girl'.
What makes these polishes so absolutely gorgeous, is the fact that they are holographic. Which means when the light hits them, they sparkle like little prismas. I absolutely adore these. Too bad it was a limited edition nailpolish collection.

Anyway, I used both colours, swithing them from finger to finger, to create this NOTD.

Now I know some of you have trouble with applying nailpolish, so I'll tell you how I do it.
First of all, I don't apply more than one coat, it usually makes my nailpolish start to chip and I don;t like that. So how do I get the polish to cover my nails correctly? Well, I usually apply a thicker coat of polish. Not to thick, but just thick enough to make sure the colour is right and not see-through. You have to wait for the polish to dry, but it doens't take up a lot more time then when you apply more than one coat.
Also, I always wear Herome Nailhardener underneath. I've been wearing this for about 10 years ofzo, and my nails grow like crazy. It's also a very nice base to use underneath our nailpolish. So you kill two birds with one stone. (I really think that paints a very weird picture, don't you?)

Anyway If I apply my nailpolish this way, t usually stays on for at least 4 days without chipping, and thats with showering, and doing my work. Which are both pretty hard on my nailpolish. But honestly, they can even last a whole week. Depends on if I'm too lazy to apply a new polish ;)

Now, for the perfect applying part, there is none. I just apply wildly, let it dry and then use the best makeupinvention ever: a cotton swab.
You just put some remover on the cotton swab and start tracing the outlines of your nails. This way you can remove all te excess polish without touching your nails.