Sinterklaas and EOTD & NOTD (dec 5th)

At dec 5th, it was Sinterklaas, for the non-Dutchies: you can google it ;)

Every year, Merlijn (my stepson) and his nephew get really hyper towards this day, because they always get a big pile of gifts. Most of the time, a lot of those gifts are computergames, since they both are 'game-addicts'. But this year, they both asked for big gifts and didn't even care about the fact that there wasn't a single computergame with their name on it.

Merlijn is a big fan of Guitar Hero and even though his room is at the top of the house, you can hear him in the livingroom when he's singing those songs. Ofcourse he also loves to play with the guitar that comes with the game, and that's what gave me the idea for the Sinterklaasgifts this year. So I asked him if he liked the idea of learning to play a real guitar. At that his jaw dropped to the floor and his eye bulged out. He could only nod, he was flabbergasted at my suggestion. So we took him to the local musicstore, and looked for a nice guitar for him. Since he's 10 (and will be 11 in March), they told us it was better to take the adult size, that way we wouldnt' have to buy a bigger one within months/a year. The lady from the store brought us this adult-sized acoustic guitar and gave it to Merlijn. He looked like he held the most beautifull thing in the world in his hands. She gave him a stool to sit on and a special thing to put underneath one of his feet. Merlijn immediately started 'playing' on the guitar. Sid showed him the way to do it properly and Merlijn listened carefully. His eyes just twinkled when he had that guitar in his hands. Needless to say, he did NOT want to go home with us, he wanted to stay there, hahaha.

So on dec 5th, Merlijn was really excited, he had been waiting weeks to get his guitar!
The first gift he opened was really small, and he had no idea what was in it: 2 guitarpicks of his fav cartoon Spongebob Squarepants!. The next present was a book with a cd that teaches you how to play guitar. And the bigger box after that contained a guitarstand, so he can put his guitar safely away in his room. The biggest gift was ofcourse the acoustic guitar, which was not the dull brown he had expected, but a nice shiny black colour.

He also got some other presents like a digital camera that can take pics and make videos. He really wants to make some videos of our crazy cats and put them up on Youtube.

Here's what happens when you give his newphew a fart-cushion.

And here's what happens when you give a ten year old a giftcertificate to the local toystore. LOL

Needless to say, that Merlijn was really happy with his gifts and that he's really excited to learn how to play guitar.


Since Sinterklaas is a holiday, I decided to put on some extra makeup. I used the 'Safari" quattro, Extreme art eyeliner and effect powder 'Greeny', all by Gosh. You probably can't see it on the pic, but I loved the way the greens matched the green shine on my ravenfeathered-hairband.(Unfortunately I never really capture the makeup well on pics, especially blended colours are hard to photograph for some reason, they seem non-blended on pics. I have to figure out a better way to make pics.)

On my face I used Kaolin Finishing Powder to start, Soft Butter Peach- Original Glow as a base, and Sunlight Finishing Dust to finish. I also used a little Soft Touch as a blush, all above are by EveryDay Minerals. For my lips I used Maybelline Superstay 'Morello Cherry'.

(dont' mind the hair, I just washed it there and it's super frizzy. I seriously need a haircut one of these days.)


My nails of the day had Herome nailhardener as a basecoat and on top of that I used 'Movie star' by Rimmel. On one of my nails I put a nailstickker by Essence.

You can click on the picks to see a bigger version of it.