Small Makeup Haul

Last week I bought some things at a clearance sale at Kruidvat. I love clearance sale and I try not to buy anything for the full price, saves us a lot of money :)

Apart from the Essence Nailglue, which I described in the previous blog, I also bought:

  • Extreme Art Eyeliner by Gosh , no. 12
  • Effect Powder by Gosh, Sunstone
  • Long Lasting Eyepencil by Essence, no. 9 C'est la vie!
  • Kajalpencil by Essence, no. 12 Go wild

The extreme arteyeliner is waterproof, which means you can walk through a storm with it, and it won't come off. Even with makeupremover it's pretty hard to get off your eyes. They come in a lot of different colours and not just the usual black and brown. The one I bought is a green colour, (how unexpected) and like the rest of them, has a very nice small brush, which makes applying it very easy.

The effect powder is salmonlike colour with golden shimmers. It comes in a nice little jar with a plastic cap, so it won't spill into the top of the jar everytime you open it. These effectpowder are easy to use, are very pigmented and come in various beautifull colours. You can also use them as an eyeliner, wich gives great results.

The longlasting eyepencil is like a stick, that you can lift by twisting the pen around itself. It has a nice silver shimmery colour for a more dramatic effect. It says to be loglasting, so I'm curious how long it will hold.

The kajal pencil is a shimmery light silverturquoise, I can't describe it any other way. It reminds me of colours I would pick for a snowqueen. I think this one went out of the collection, but I'm not sure.

I made some swatches, but I couldn't get the shimmery colours to photograph right. Still, it gives you a feel of the products ad the way they look.