Help me choose!

So next week, we are going to my grandmothers 80th birthday. We just bought this awesome jacket for Sid, and I just have to show it to you.

I really love that fabric! He's either wearing it to my grandmothers bday, or wearing it with christmas. Or maybe both, haha.
Now, I decided to wear this cute little black dress to the bday, probably with a black wetlook legging:

I just need some makeup tips from you guys. I'm thinking about wearing these shoes with it(see photo on the left). And it might be fun to wear some eyeshadow that goes with it. Like petrol and purple. But I've already done that before, and I always like to try something new. I can also wear some black leather or patent leather pumps with it, if you think about colours that don't match these shoes. I' might wear a hairpiece with ravenfeather on it aswell(think darkgreen shine on black feathers).

I also would like you to think about some nice christmas makeup. What shall I do, some basic grey smokey eyes, or something like green and red? I want to hear from YOU, what you would like to see as a EOTD. :)

Or better yet, send me YOUR christmas EOTD and I'll make a blog around those :)