'Buy one, get one for free!' at Kruidvat

Gosh makes the end of the year a little party!
(this is only for Dutch stores)

From dec 7th till dec 13th, you can expand your stash with your favourite cosmeticsbrand Gosh.
When you buy one product, you get a second product for FREE!

This won't be calculated as a 50% discount, but you will get the cheapest product for free. This way you don't have to choose two products that are the same and you will have a lot more to choose from.

Why don't you try the Black 'n Bright collection, which is perfect to create that partylook for the upcoming holidays.

Or choose from the 27(!) different colours of the Velvet Touch Eyeliner. There are so many different colours, you want to have them all!

Or try my favourite product of the year: The Soft'n Shine lipbalms. These lipbalms don't just care for your lips, they also give your lips a beautifull colour with a gloss. Especially now it's getting colder, this product should definately be in your purse!

So give yourself, your girlfriend(s), or your mom a lovely present from Gosh!
Gosh is sold exclusivle at Kruidvat in the Netherlands.