Chocolate bonbons

It's my grandmothers 80th bday on monday, and as usual she didn't want any gifts. I never go to a birthday without one, so I decided to make a little something myself anyway.  I decided to make chocolate bonbons, something I'd never done before.

I made chocolate truffels and moccabonbons, at least that's what they are called in my recipebook.
The truffels are made with 72% Swiss chocolate and covered with 'hagelslag' or chopped up walnuts. These were rolled into little balls. The mocca ones are made with 72% Swiss chocolate and milkchocolate, and coffee. These were squirted on a plate and sprinkled with chopped up walnuts.

Ofcourse I didn't have any papercups to squirt them in, so I had to cut them off the plate after they came out the fridge. Doesnt really matter though, they still taste good :)

Closeup shot, yeah I know they arent the prettiest ever, but I was in a hurry and the stuff clung to my hands a lot. Still, I think it's a pretty good first try.

Another closeup shot. The bag I used to squirt them on the plate with, was the worst thing ever invented. Instead of going throught the bottom where it's supposed to go, it went through the bag itself. Yeah, that was a lot of fun... Still, they look pretty nice, considering what a battle it was to get them out of that bag. I can't for the life of me come up with a better word for squirting, sorry, hahaha. And the bag, maybe it's called an icingbag, or something?

Anyway, we tasted them, and they taste good. It's a pretty heavy taste, but oh well, they ARE bonbons.And there's 40% alcohol in them....hahahah.

[edit: update 21-12]

Here's a picture of the bonbons in the glass pot i bought for them. I have two, one was for my grandmother and one was for my father. U nfortunately, the trains arent going anywhere today because of snow. Which means I'm not going anywhere, especially not the other side of the country.So these will probably be eaten on christmas and I'll make new ones for my grandmother and dad who I hope to see in 2 weeks.