She did it again...

Okay, so today I was doing some shopping. Went to the liquorstore and the supermarket to buy some groceries and all the ingredients to make bonbons. I've never done that before, but I wanted to do something special for my grandmothers 80th birthday. It's on the 21st of dec, so by then I'll probably post a blog about it, hopefully I won't have to post a fail. It's probably safe to post it here, because I don't think my grandmother ever visits the wonders of the world wide web. ;)

I did it again....
I went to this other Kruidvat store and there they DID have the purple eyeshadow I wanted. You can guess what happened, I bought some more Gosh. I decided it would be better to buy it with a 50% discount now, than buying it full price later on. I don't think I will have to go shopping for makeup anytime soon now. So todays blog is about the new products I bought.

Effect Powders: Blue Diamond and Kiwi

Flat eyeshadow brush

Quattro palette Goldfinger (had to look up the name, because the tape ruined the label)

Glamorous eyeshadow Purple

I made some swatches, but the colours are hard to photograph. I took one with daylight and one with flash.(You can click on them for a bigger version.)

I choose this quattro palette because Sidney ( my husband), always loves copperlike colours. Can't wait to try that one out. The blue diamond, because I think it would look amazing with the blue Barry M glitterdusts Becca send me. Becca is one of a group of amazing girls I met online and she send me a package all the way from Scotland. I'll probably dedicate a blog to it soon :)
I probably don't have to explain why I choose Kiwi, I'm just a sucker for greens.
The brush is one I already have, but I wanted a second one so I can switch colours easier.