EOTD Goldfinger


Today I made a look with my new Gosh quattro 'Goldfinger' And the Velvet touch Eyeliner 'Rising Sun'.

Unfortunately, the lightning wasn't really good, so not all pics are as sharp as I'd like them to be. Sorry about that.

Today I used the HEMA eyeshadowbase, to give it a softer look. As said before, the lighting was pretty bad, and therefore the lines seem harsh, when in reality they are softened with a HEMA blendingbrush. Oh well, at least there -are- pics ;)

I used the round and the flat eyeshadowbrushes by Gosh to apply the eyeshadow. And the usually stuff to do my eyebrows. For the lashes I used Flirty Curl mascara by Gosh.

On one of my eyes I put some velvet touch eyeliner on top of my eyelid aswell as below. On the other eye (pics above), I used it only below my eyes.
I wanted to see what effect it would give; it's gives the eye a lot more shimmer and 'pop' than the other eye.

I like the one without the eyeliner on the eyelid better, but my husband likes the one -with- the eyeliner better. What do you think?