(It was the night before) Christmas...

Merry Christmass everyone! For those who celebrate with gifts: I hope you gots lots of them and everything you ever wanted. But remember, being with loved ones is the biggest gift of all!
Tha mushy stuff being said, I just wanted to write a quick blog with the look I made for the night before christmas. We had breakfast at midnight with my inlaws, it's a family tradition. And today we woke up to a white world: it had been snowing again.

I made a look with my new metallicstones palette and a Gosh effect powder.
I used 2 golden colours, one light and the other dark, and a coppery colour. On top of te last one I used the Plummy effect powder which give that nice red shimmer. Very Christmassy(is that even a word!?)
Below the eyes I used the same colours as above the eyes.

I applied the MAC lip prep+prime on my lips and on top of that L'oreal Color Riche  'Honey Brown'. To give it that extra sparkle, I applied High Shine Lipgloss by Manhattan(I think nr 463, but I'm not sure. Its a shimmery red). Iapplied NOTHING on my face, so yeah, my nose is a little red, but hey, that's just the way it is. Walking around in the middle of the night, is not really a time to wear lots of makeup. I usually don't wear more then eyemakeup anyway. Weird huh?
Please notice the incredible tacky christmas earrings that really jingle like bells. Have to give the angels their wings on christmas, right? ;)

I wish you al a merry christmas with lots of rejoicing, and booze and food ;)  !!!

So, now I'll start on my christmas makeup and look up my fake lashes. Pics will be up soon, but I have no idea when. Going to be busy, but I bet you all will be aswell :)