Nailglue and NOTD

Every once in a while I have a broken nail, and usually it's in the middle of my nail, so I can't cut it.
So, to save myself a lot of pain everytime my nail comes in contact with something, I use some nailglue to repair them. Nailglue is pretty easy to use and they come in all kinds of shapes.
In this blog I'll show 2 different nailglues from the same brand.

The first one is the Nail glue pen by Essence.
The pen immediately appealed to me, because a pen is pretty easy to put into your purse for emergencies. You push the pen gently on your nail and then the glue comes out of it. Or so the writing on it says. It might be that I have bought the one pen that doesn't really work, but my pen doesn't work when you push it gently. You have to crush it to a straight surface to get the tip at the top to move. Which isn't really handy when you have a ail that hurts because it's gone straight over the middle of you fingernail.

You can see a little dot of glue that has dried on the top of the pen. I push the pen on a paper or something an then apply the glue that comes out of it on my nail. Not the best of solutions but it works. And I have to say it is a very strong glue. It takes a while to dry, but when it's done, you can do anything with your nails. Or at least, just do your normal stuff ;)

The second one is the Nail Glue by Essence in a little jar.
It's has a little applicator just like a normal nailpolish. You can apply it quite accurately and it is very easy to use. In my opinion this one took a little longer to dry than the other one. But it might be the exact same glue and it just appeared to be longer. The result is very good, your nails can be used as before.

I used both of these glues, because 2 nails of mine were broken. Months of long nails and then all of a sudden, 3 break in one week. I cut one, but the other two were broken right on top of the finger, in the middle of the nail. One was even broken on 2 sides! That one really hurt and I had to wear a bandaid on it the rest of the day, which annoyed me a lot. So As soon as I got the opportunity I applied nailglue on the broken nails and after that treated them the same way as all the other nails (nailhardener and nailpolish).
It's almost 2 weeks later now, and my nails are still glued and ''whole''. I have re-applied the glue when I applied new nailpolish to be sure, but even after work, they are still 'whole'' and not splitting or anything.
So I can really recommend these nailglues. They are around 2 or 3 euros, so not really expensive either.


 For this NOTD I applied Herome nalhardener as a basecoat, as usual. After that I applied the Black Pearl by Rimmel. One thick layer, and not two or more layers, because they chip easier with layers. If you apply a thicker layer, it dries a bit slower, but it will stay on a lot better.

On my left hand I used a Nail art sticker by Essence, which costs 1,49 euros for about 20 orso stickers. They come in 4 different styles and this one I never used before. I think it looks great on darker nailpolish.
On top of that I used the ''01 Clear as Ice'' Multi Dimension 3 in 1 nail polish with XXl shine by Essence, as a topcoat.