Christmas Makeup

I planned on writing a blog on sunday, but my parents in law surprised us by driving to Brabant, to my parents. So  got to see them again, which was just awesome! :)

On the 25th of dec, I went for a simple look with just 2 colours eyesshadow and some fake lashes.Ofcourse I forgot to buy new lashes, so these were re-used way to many times and were badly bend out of shape. You can see that on the closeup pics, but still, they worked well enough.

I used:

  • Gosh eyeshadowbase
  • Barry M Fine Glitter Dust  24
  • Barry M Fine Glitter Dust  22
  • Hema Eyeliner black
  • Maybelline The Colossal mascara

I started with the eyeliner, so you have a nice line to put your fake lashes on. My fake lashes were really crooked, literally, so it was a challenge to get them to follow the line of my eye. Normally if you used new lashes, or ones that aren't re-used to often, you can put it straight onto the line and you can't eve see the difference between them and your own lashes. Unfortuately I don't have a good example of that now, hahah.

I applied the Glitter Dust on my eyes like normal eyeshadow, the glitterdusts look a bit different on your eye than in the jar. The are way more pigmented and bright. I think the jars are made of think g;lass which distorts the colours. The 24 is a nice coppergold colour that I applied on 3/4 of my eye and in the crease. The 22 is a black dust with golden shimmers in it. I applied this one on my outer eyecorner and in the crease. I blended the 22 en 24 together with a blendingbrush and also used that brush to fade it on the outerside. I used the new Zoeve eyeliner brush, which by the way is AWESOME!!!, to make the lines below my eyes.

On my face, I used EDM foundation and concealer. On my lips I used a Maxfactor Lipfinity, I forgot which colour and it's not the stick itself. I might look up the box and post it later.