HANA Pink 1" Professional Flat Iron Review+


Hey everyone! Wellllll, I was lucky enough to be sent an awesome Hana flat iron to review, and I have to tell you... this iron is giving my GHD a run for its money. It's awesome! I was sent this iron from a representative at Misikko.com, one of the best retailers of professional flat irons I've ever seen. Misikko carries all the best flat irons: Hana, CHI, T3, GHD, you name it. They've got amazing deals, a ton of awesome products, and the best customer service I think I've ever come across. I've dealt with a lot of online retailers, and none of them have been as great as Misikko.

This iron (seen above, photo courtesy of Misikko) is in a lovely shade of pink and has 1" floating tourmaline ceramic plates with 5 different temperature settings ranging from 140-450° and it gets hot in like, 10 seconds - no joke. In case you don't know, floating plates mean the plates actually move with your hair, so you don't get those ugly creases typical flat irons can give. It also has an 8ft long swivel cord which I personally love because it's a lot less hassle, and the edges of the plates are curved! You can straighten, curl, or wave your hair with this iron! You all know how much I love versatility in my hair products. ;)

Okay, so while I was waiting for my iron to arrive, I decided to do some research on it... I can't help it, I just.. I have to. Haha, so anyway, a lot of the websites + people I've talked to who own it often compare it to the GHD IV Styler - saying it's just as good, if not better. This really made me skeptical because I L♥VE my GHD. To me, it is the best styling tool I've ever used. G H D = G O D. Can you tell I'm a fan? So when I got my Hana iron in the mail, I started using it/testing it/playing with it immediately, and I can honestly say that it is a serious contender with the GHD Styler.

So then I thought I should do some comparisons of my own with the Hana iron and the GHD. I discovered that though they are extremely similar, they both have certain strengths and weaknesses, in my own opinion, of course.

  • First off, I love the way the Hana iron feels in my hand. It's very lightweight and ergonomically designed versus the very sleek look of the GHD, which isn't uncomfortable at all, but the Hana is designed better.
  • A pro for the GHD, for me at least, is the constant heat setting. I think it's great because it prevents people from setting their irons to hotter temperatures than they need to.
  • I think, after a LOT of testing, that I like the GHD for straightening hair a little bit better than the Hana. I noticed that the Hana requires a few passes of the iron to get it perfectly straight, versus like one or two with the GHD. But, I also noticed that the Hana works better with flat iron sprays than the GHD does.
  • However, the Hana ROCKS at curling hair! You can do anything from tight sprial curls, to loose beachy waves with this iron. The GHD is good at it, but I think the Hana is better.
  • As far as cost goes, I think they're both in the same league. A nice way to say it would be that these tools are investments, and they are, but to put it bluntly: they're expensive. But what I love about Hana and GHD is that they both have pretty awesome gift sets all the time, that are really worth your while, especially the Hana gift sets from Misikko. They've got a bunch and they're all really amazing deals!
In the end I was extremely impressed with my Hana flat iron. It works amazingly well on all hair types, and the price and quality is comparable with other professional flat irons. And if you're in the market for a new iron, there's good news!


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