Review & Swatches: Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge

I used to be a non-blush using person, because they always looked way to heavy on me. I don't really blush myself, and with my pale skin, it just looked weird.

But since about a year orso, I found some blushes that worked for me. One (or rather 2) of them is the Catrice Mineral Soft Powder Rouge. They come in 4 shades, and I own 2 of them:

  • 130 Light Burgundy
  • 120 Wild Rose
 (This photo comes from fashionvictim081, because mine are already used.)

Catrice says:
Delicate powder rouge with more than 80% mineral and silk ingredients.Also suitable for sensitive skin. Free of perfumes. Dermatologicallytested.

Let's start with the packaging. The blushes come in round cases, that fit perfectly in your palm. They open with a nice system: you push a little button on the side and the case opens. It also closes with a click, and is therefor very suitable to carry in your bag. (It won't open untill you want it to.)

The blushes itself have a shimmer in them, but not in a way that you'll look like a discoball. It's very subtle and not really noticable on your skin. It just gives that extra touch of light, which gives you that healthy look. The blush also has a nice pattern in them, which makes it really cute.

The blushes are really pigmented, and you only need a little for that hint of colour that makes you look alive again. (Which is what I use them for.)You can built up the colour by applying more, if you want to. They blend perfectly on your skin, it's not noticable that you're wearing it.

I tried to make a good swatch in daylight, but for some reason the Light burgundy reflected a bit dull, trust me, it really is more pigmented than the pic shows.

These blushes are available at Kruidvat for 2,99 euros a piece. 

Do you ever wear blush? And what kind do you prefer? Have you ever used these?

And just another random fact about me:
Today, me and my beloved have been together for 6,5 yrs! *yeay us*  (anyone who wants to barf now? :P )