Review & Swatches: 2True, True Colour Eyeshadow

I own 4 2True, true colour eyeshadows:

  • no. 1 , which is black (which my cat swept off the table, that's why it's broken)
  • no. 6 , which is a dark purple (less blue and darker than the pic shows)
  • no. 12 , which is a dark brown
  • no. 9 , which is a nude colour.

These eyeshadows are available at Kruidvat for 2,99 euros a piece or 3 for 7,50 euros.

The packaging is nothing special: just black cheap plastic, of which the top is matte and the bottom is shiny. Opening the case isn't special either, you pop your nail into the space on the frontside and it opens.

All the colours have a touch of shimmer in them, the purple one even has a blue shimmer, but when applied, they aren't always noticable.

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is really good, the swatches I made are withouth -any- base.
They blend perfectly with other colours and brands, and especially the darker ones are really nice in the outer V.
The nude colour (on the right) is really nice to use as a 'highlighter' below your brows when you don't really want another shimmery highlighter to go with your shimmery eyemakeup. It's also perfect to create sharper edges or conceal little flaws in your makeup.