EOTD: Gosh green effect powders

Products I used for this EOTD:
  • Gosh, waterproof eyeshadowstick, Love that beige
  • Gosh effect powder, Emerald
  • Gosh effect powder, Apple jam
  • Gosh effect powder, Paradise
  • 2True, true colour eyeshadow no. 9
  • Gosh velvet touch eyeliner, Lemon soda
  • Bourjois, duochrome eyeliner, Noir emeraude

 I started with the Love that beige as a base on my whole eyelid and towards my eyebrows.
Then I applied the Emerald on my whole eyelid, except a tiny part of my inner eyecorner.
After that I applied Apple Jam, on my inner eyecorner and along my crease. Above Apple Jam, I applied Paradise and blended them all together.
I used the 2True eyeshadow as a 'highlighter' below my brows.

Below the eyes I used lemon soad on my inner eyecorner with some Apple jam on top of it. Next to that I used the Bourjois eyeliner with some Emerald applied on top of it.