Review: Dr. van der Hoog, Peach face mask

I've never really used face masks, but when these were on sale I bought two just to try them out and see what they do for my skin.

The first one I tried was the Peach mask. This one smells like ...d0h,..peach, which I think is a lovely scent.
It comes in a sachet of 10 ml, which was a lot for my face, I didn't really need all of it. It felt really cool to the skin, not cold, but pleasantly cool.

I applied the mask thoroughly, after I cleaned my face, without touching my eyes and mouth. I waited for 5-10 mins to let it do it's magic, after that I massaged it gently into my skin and took if off with water.

The Peack mask is a creamy mask with vitamin E Provitamin B5, softening peachoil and peachextract . It moisturizes and restores the eleasticity of your skin.

So did it do anything for my skin...well...I'm not sure. I had a bath before I used this mask and as usual my face was really dry after the bath. After the mask, my face was still a bit dry, so I'm not sure if it really moisturized my skin. Then again, after a bath, even my moisturizer has a bit of trouble with that.
I have to say that my skin looked good the rest of the week, but once again, I'm not sure it it's because of the mask. I think I might need to use it more often to know if it really does anything for my skin. It did feel nice when it was on my skin though.
On the package it says, you should use a mask once every week, so I might start doing that, just to try it out.

And to make sure you all have a laugh today, this is me with the mask: