Coming up: my first giveaway!

I've been thinking about this for a while, and asking around what people would like, and I'm now putting some stuff together for a giveaway.

This will be my first giveaway and ofcourse I want it to be a nice one. I'm not connected to any webshops, so don't expect a massive giveaway like some blogs have...but it'll be a nice one anyway :)
And who knows, if this one gets a good feedback, I might do it more often.

It's going to be an -international- giveaway, so every follower can enter, no matter where he/she lives.

Because this is my first giveaway, I don't think I'll make it difficult this time. It'll be a follower and comment giveaway, meaning you have to be a follower and you have to post a comment on the specific giveawayblog. That way it's easier to choose a winner(or winners? ;) ) with

I just have to put everything together and then you can find it on my blog.
So check out my blog the next few days or just follow with Bloglovin, which can make managing blogs so much easier :)

Are you as excited as I am?