Lush Spring products!

As of TOMORROW (april 6th) there will be new Lush products available in stores and at Dutch Mailorder .

Let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees 
and the flowers and the trees, 
the moon up above, and the thing called love.
(Martin Dean)

At Lush everybody adores springtime. It's like the whole world wakes up from a long hibernation. To celebrate everything coming back to life again, Lush introduces some amazing springproducts.

Little Miss Sunshine

This spring, we're taking you far from the rain and grey clouds tosomewhere over the rainbow. Your bath-water will be as blue as theskies over munchkinland and the exotic scent of ylang and sweet figswill make you want to go skipping off to see the wizard. A better dayawaits you at the end of our rainbow. If you look carefully, you can see little rainbows in the bubbles.
€4.95 a piece

Bloemen Ballistics
Lush has been making bath ballistics for years. Mo Constantine, head opf Lush, was even the first to patent them. All that time, she made them mainly in round balls. Nothing wrong with those ofcourse, but it got time for something different.Bath Ballistics in flowerhapes!
Just as scented as a bunch of flowers and let's be honest, a lot more original. The tag  containswildflower seeds for you to plant in your garden, so that you cannurture them as they blossom.
The stick can be used to support your tomatoplants. Lot's of extras and nog waste!
Lush has made 3 different flower ballistics, all with their own stengths.

Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain is made with refreshing citrus oils to give you that happy, renewedfeeling that comes with springtime. Sweet wild orange and lemon oilsare gently toning and will refresh your mind. 
€6.45 a piece

Fairy Cup

 This one is named after a flower that's used by little fairies to rest upon in fairytales. You won;t find any fairies on this one, but there's definately some magic in it. It smells a little bit like a candyshop.
€6.45 a piece

Tokyo Rose

In Japan they celebrate the blossomingtime in the spring. They all go to the park to enjoy the falling leaves of the  cherryblossoms. With this flower, you almost feel like you're in Japan yourself.The name of this one is also a bit dedicated to an Indie Rockband uit New Jersey.
This one is scented with fragrant mimosa and beautiful jasmine to evokethoughts of spring and fresh flowers. 
€6.45 a piece
Flower Child Hatbox

This is a great hatbox to ceolebrate spring or to fight of that winterdepression!
It contains: Vanilla Deelite hand and bodylotion 100g, 100g Yummy Yummy Yummy showergel with fresh strawberries, 100g fruity Miranda soap with fresh kiwi, 100g nourishing Porridge soap, the new Little Miss Sunshine Bubble Bar Slice, Sakura Bath Ballistic and Happy Blooming Bath Melt.
€48.95 a piece