EOTD: Dubble Wings

I created this EOTD with just 3 products:
  • 88 palette, matte
  • Essence kajal pencil, 08 Teddy
  • NYX jump pencil, Milk
 To create this look you need to pick some pinks, purple and brown from you 88 palette, that you like. It doesn't really matter which one.

On the whole eyelid, you apply some light pinks and/or purples. Start with the lightest one on the inner eyecorner and work towards the outside of the eye, using darker colour along the way. Apply some light colours below your eyes aswell, in the inner eyecorner.

Then, pick a brown, not to dark, and apply this one with a blendingbrush above your crease.

I also applied a light skin coloured eyeshadow below my brows and blended it with the brown.

Then, pick a darker purple one and apply that one into you crease, and your outer V. Apply it above the crease awell, if you want to see some of the purple when your eyes are open. Blend it together with the brown that you already applied.

I used the kajal pencil to make a line above my eyes and create a little wing. I did the same thing below my eyes. After that, I applied some jumbo pencil  between the double wing.

And this is what you get: