Review: Dr. van der Hoog, Fruitacid mask

It comes in a sachet of 10 ml, which was a lot for my face, I didn'treally need all of it. It felt really cool to the skin, not cold, butpleasantly cool.

I applied the mask thoroughly, after I cleaned my face, withouttouching my eyes and mouth. I waited for 10-20 mins to let it do it'smagic, after that I massaged it gently into my skin and took if offwith water.

It says this mask may not be suitable for sensitive skin, which I have, but I didn't have any probs with it.

This mask is a creammask, with a complex of 4 fruitacids: apple, lemon, 'wijnsteen' and glycol acids. It cleanses the skin, removes dead skincells en stimulates the making of new skincells resulting in a smooth skin.

 But did it do anything for my skin? Well..actually, it did. I always have dry spots on my face, no matter how much cream I used or how much I scrub. After I used this mask, all the dry patches were gone. No more dead skin cells, and a very smooth skin. I'm going to try this one out again, see if it keels giving me this result, ifso, it might become my weekly mask :)