Ghetto-Fabulous Tip # 3: Organic Fruits and Veggies... When To Save and When To Splurge

You are what you eat, right?

But your broke... wandering around aimlessly in the produce aisles of the grocery store.

If you're anything like me, you probably have a little angel on one shoulder saying: "Buy me! I'm organic and I'm better for you!" and a little devil on the other saying: "Organic-Schmanic! You can buy one snooty organic carrot, or a whole bag of conventional ones! Ha-ha-ha (insert evil laugh)!"

So, what's a girl to do???

Try to think... any carrot is better than no carrots!

Pick and choose if you must when you can't afford organic by using this handy little list from the Environmental Working Group.

EWG's Fruits and Veggies... The Dirty Dozen & The Clean 15 Guide

Another general rule of thumb I try to follow is that if I am eating the skin, I buy organic. If I can peel it- I might skimp. Might is the key word, depending on what it is.

I keep a copy in my wallet so I don't leave home without it.

In a pinch, you can use Fruit & Veggie Wash... especially when you can't buy organic.
Or... you can use Baking Soda (click here, then click on "View All Tips").