GOSH Autumn 2010

Yesterday I received a pacakge by GOSH, which included the Autumn 2010 collection.

This collection focuses on a longlasting, radiant and evenly applied look. It's a complete line of primers for face, eyes and lips, to create a perfect base for your makeup. All primers reduces wrinkles, big pores and fine lines. These primers have no perfume or conservatives. The silky soft formula of the primers make sure you'll have a silkysoft skin. To make the line complete, Gosh introduces a unique pressed finishing powder to create a perfect end result.

Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

The Velvet Touch Foundation Primer is a primer for the whole face. The silky formula without parabenscreates a visible matte and soft skin with a unique velvet touch. A beautifull radiant base that will keep your makeup in place is the result. The primer also has an anti-wrinkles effect.

How to use?
  1. Make sure that your skin is cleaned and hydrated before you use the primer.
  2. Apply the primer with your fingertips, while gently tapping it into your skin.
  3. Apply your foundation and makeup as you usually do.

Velvet Touch Line Perfector (NEW)

The Velvet Touch Line Perfector is a primer, especially made to lessen fine lines, wrinkles and irregularities. The Line Perfector also makes sure that your skin looks even and non-shiney.

How to use?
  1. Clean and hydrate your skin before you apply the primer.
  2. Apply the primer on fine lines and wrinkles and tap it in around those.
  3. Apply foundation, follow your usual makeup routine and see the difference!

Velvet Touch Eye Primer (NEW)

The Velvet Touch Eye Primer, is a primer esepcially made for the area around the eyes. The primer reduces the lines that form around your eyes when you laugh and age. It qalso make sure that your eyemakeup stays on longer, doesn't fade and doesn't crease. The light texture applies easily on and just below the eyes. 

How to use?
  1. Clean and hydrate your skin, yu can also use a specific eyecream, before you apply the primer and the rest of your makeup.
  2. Apply a small amount of primer, gently tapping, around your eyes (on the eyelids aswell!). Don't forget that the skin around your eyes is very tender, so be carefull. 
  3.  Apply your makeup.

Velvet Touch Lip Primer "Kiss me quick" (NEW)


The Velvet Touch Lip Primer isn't just any primer, it's also usuable as a transparant lipbalm. The primer contains hydrating and softening ingredients. The patented formula" VOLULIP, gives fuller and firmer lips. It contains a natural ingredient to make the lips fuller and firmer.

You can easily apply the primer directly on the lips, to make sure your lipproducts will sta on longer. The primer, which is also a wonderfull lipbalm, has a softening effect.

Mattifying Finish Pressed Powder

 How to use?

  1.  You can use the powder over your makeup or directly on cleaned and hydrated skin.
  2. Apply the powder on your forehead, nose and/or chin, these are usually the most shiney parts of your face. You can use the powder on your whole face.

Swatches from all products except the lipprimer:

Foundation primer, matte powder, line perfector, eye primer.

The matte powder is really not visible on the skin, the photograph below isn't focused but it a least shows the colour:

All products will be available at Kruidvat.

Velvet Touch Foundation Primer costs 15,99 euros.
Velvet Touch Line Perfector costs 16,99 euros.
Velvet Touch Eye Primer costs 12,49 euros.
Velvet Touch Lip Primer costs 11,40 euros.
Mattifying Finish Pressed Powder costs 10,49 euros.

Are you interested in any of the products? I'm really curious about the lipprimer, since I really need such products. I already have one by MAC, but I really want to try out this one aswell. It wasn't in the box, so I'll need to get it at Kruidvat. The Eye Primer seems interesting aswell, and I'm interesteed in the powder 2. It seems to be a good match to my skin colour. I don't think I need the line perfector yet, and I've never used a face primer before, so I'm not sure if I'll use those.