Happy 101 Tag

I was tagged by the sweet Michelle from beautification.(Check out her blog!) Thank you!

Some rules:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. Share 10 things that you love
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

1. My sweet, adorable, funny, romantic, smart and how-the-hell-do-you-stay-sane-after-being-with-me-for-so-long husband, my beloved. :) Love ya!

2. My 3 funny, too-smart-for-their-own-good, home-wrecking, oh so sweet and adorable cats.

Greebo Dante Burrfoot
Loki Raistlin Majere
Odin Caramon Majere
3. My 11 year old, oh-i'm-so-getting-into-the-puberty-state(-but-we-still-love-him) stepson Merlijn:
also known as oblivious-to-his-surroundings-merlijn :P

4. Family:
My awesome parents, who I totally adore and love to death. They are the sweetest!
My inlaws, who always have their door open for us and welcomed me into their family:
And ofcourse every other familymember that I have.

5. Friends: sometimes it seems that people have forgotten what true friendship is, but I am lucky to have met some who still know. You all know who you are, and I'm giving an extra shoutout to my Lexlings, you girls rule!

Even though there's now a sea between us, we'll always be BFF's

We can't go anywhere withouth making a Zoolander pic
going to festivals and fairs

hanging out in the garden, with fire, beer and sushi
6. Books, Im addicted to reading, always have been. I'm really into fantasy, and nowadays I'm mostly reading urban fantasy and fantasy with some smut. Most have vampires, shapeshifters, zombies, weres, etc. I'm a big fan of The Anita Blake series and the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Also: The Dresden Files, Dark Hunters, Mercy Thompsen, Alpha & Omega, Immortals after Dark, etc

7. Being Creative, I've always been creative, wit my mind and my hands, hahah. I've done lots of things: making stuffed animals, embroidery, knitting, making jewelry, writing, painting, drawing, and making clothing. The last one turned into a small business of my own. But it was getting too big to handle on my own, and the pleasure turned into work. So I quit the business and it is now a hobby again.

8. Going to Festivals, Fairs, Concerts and the like.
 I love going to to festivals, especially metalfestivals like Summerbreeze in Germany, fairs like Elf Fantasy Fair and Castlefest, Metal concerts, markets, whiskeytastings, etc. Not just with my beloved, but also with lots of friends and/or my inlaws.

9. Movies
I've always liked movies, as a kid I loved fairytales, and now I still do. I can watch almost anything, I'm just not into Horror or the 'I know what you did part 29626282' kind of movies. I have the privileg to have a husband who likes romantic comedy and we both love Tim Burton and fantasy movies. Our movie interests are pretty alike except for Horro and Star Wars, hahaha.

10. Music
I love music, and I have lots of it on my pc, mp3player and ofcourse on cd and dvd. I just bought the new Apocalyptica cd+dvd: 7th Symphony for my bday/. I like almost anything, except r&b and rap or hiphop. Oh, and I get annoyed with Ska, and certain peoples voices(Muse, Lacrimosa ).Can't explain why, they work on my nerves. I'm mostly into Folkmetal nowadays, bands like In Extremo, Lumsk, etc. But I can listen to lots of other stuff aswell. From Classical to Eighties Rock. :)

Now I have to tag 10 people, but these tags usually go around the blogcircuit pretty fast. So everyone who reads this and hasn't been tagged yet, NOW you are! Feel free to post a link to your tag in the comments :)