Ready! Set! Go!

Sept 10/2010

Good morning Ladies
Monday mornings on a Television Series, come early in our 52 foot Makeup & Hair trailer. All 8 stations will be busy primping, styling, tweezing, painting, gluing, curling, straightening, blow drying and styling. Danna Rutherford (Hairstylist) and Patricia Murray (Makeup Artist) are the first to arrive at 4:30am. Setting up their stations, heating up irons, reading over scripts and call sheets.
At 5:00am, Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale (with her cute little pooch 'Maui') arrive. It's a 2 hour process.

Aly spends her first hour in the makeup chair. Her makeup artist, Patricia Murray applies a few drops of my " I Love My Botanicals" Anti Wrinkle Serum (100% Organic, Chemical Free). The Serum helps the makeup go on smoothly and evenly. It also helps to fill in lines and creases before the makeup is applied. This Anti Wrinkle Serum contains lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, which help to heal blemishes and skin irritations she may have. Then, Armani liquid makeup and Laura Mercier Luminating Foundation is applied to her skin and Smashbox Eyeshadows are used on her naturally large, almond shaped eyes. Her eyeliner is from Smashbox. The individual eyelashes are applied with my 'I Love My Lashes" black adhesive. This latex-based glue is stronger than duo and has no formaldehyde or harsh chemical fumes. It's extra strong so that the lashes last thru dance rehearsals and the heat from the studio lights.

Now Aly will go down to the other end of the makeup trailer. Danna Rutherford (hairstylist) will begin by spritzing White Sands Firm Hold Liquid Texture spray onto Alys' wet hair. Then with a diffuser on the blow dryer, her soft curls are dried. A 1 inch barrel iron is used on a few of the curls to create an even curl look all over. Finishing with a little Redken hairspray on the roots. A little Redken Water Wax is applied on the ends to keep the curls separated and to control the ends.

Ashley starts in the 'hair' chair. Danna (hairstylist) will blow dry the hair extensions with extra care. Then the 1 1/2 inch barrel curl iron is used all over for soft curls . No hairspray is used, just a little dab of Graham Webb Brit Style Styling Paste on the ends to give it hold and to control frizz. Now to the makeup station...... makeup artist, Amy VanWarmer, preps Ashley's face with a few drops of my "I Love My Botanicals" Anti Wrinkle Face Serum. The serum contains essences of lavender, to calm and soothe the skin while the sandalwood oil heals and the evening primrose oil shrinks the pores and reduces puffy skin. Amy applies a natural skin tone base of a mix of Armani and DuWop liquid makeup. and a finishing powder from DuWop (Bronze Rush). The eyes are done with soft colors from Smash Box. Individual eyelashes are applied with my black eyelash glue from "I Love My Lashes". The extra hold glue keeps the lashes in place for a full 12 hour working day.

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