A week ago on wednesdaynight, Sophie, the mother of 2 of our cats(Loki and Odin), gave birth to 4 beautifull kittens.
These pics were made on sundaynight:

Sophie is so happy, being a mother. She's purring all day and wants to cuddle with everyone.

There are 2 females and 2 males.

All kittens have found a new place to live already, we even had too many people wanting one.

Who can resist this?

They all seem to be striped, 2 are a lot darker, and the other 2 have white masks on theor faces.

Firstborn, Imir, a male. He looks a lot like Odin when he was born. Same white mask on the face.

This one is going to a friend of the family, it's a female. I think this one is the prettiest. If we didn't already have 2 cats, I would've wanted her and Imir. They are so beautifull!

The 2 darker ones are a female and a male. I don't remember which is which in the pics though, oops.

This one already has one eye open.

They are really cute, and it'll probably be hard to see them going when they are old enough. But fortunately, they are all going to friends or collegues, so we'll probably see pics from them from time to time :)

Untill then, I get to cuddle them every time I'm at my inlaws. :)