My birthday is coming up: Lemmings & Wishlist

Today is my beloved's bday: Congratulations sweety! Hope you're having a great day on your first day of your summerholiday! Can't wait to go home and congratulate you  properly! ;)
Which means my bday is coming up aswell: On August 28th I will be another year older. Since I have no idea what to ask for (and we are celebrating our bdays on the 14th), I started to think about lemmings(I want it now?) and a wishlist of things I'd like to have someday/things I want to try out. Not that I ever really ask people for specific things on my bday(I'd rather not have an 'im-the-center-of-attention-day at all), but it's nice to think about things I'd like to have/buy. So here goes...


  • Sleek Safari Palette. I already have Graphite, Original and Storm. And this one is next in line for me. Although I have to admit, I'd love to have them all.
  • A new long wintercoat, preferably by ART. I already have one of the brand and it's had its best days after 7 years. (found one at castlefest!)
  • Dead in the family. I read all Sookie Stackhouse books, except this one, I'm still waiting for the paperback(not the True Blood version).
  • Flirt. (Laurell K Hamilton). I ordered this one in May, and there were problems with the printer or something so I had to wait. Will week book. After an email they said the had contacted the printer and it would arrive in week 26. Then it was week 28. Week 30. And today I got an email it will probably arrive in the week of my bday. We'll see *sigh* It's really annoying since this is one of my favourite series.
  • Lover Mine. Been waiting for it to appear in paperback since it came out in April. (It was finally available in stores! BAxck on the wishlist, they couldn't deliver :(  )
  • A 6-drawer-cupboard thingy from Xenos. To store my makeup in. That says it all :)
  • Red leather pants. Unfortunately, I haven't found the right red yet, and I always have to get them made to measure. I asked my fav leathershop once, what it would cost to make me one...Let's not do that. Lol.
  • A new handbag. Mine (big, black and with white skulls) has survived a whole year and the inside has been falling apart for some time now. I even stitched it up a couple of times aswell. I wanted to buy one at De Bazaar, but the guy with the 'goth'bags wasn't there.
  • Barry M glitter & Dazzle Dust. All of them, hahah.
  • Alice in Wonderland dvd, I'm a Tim Burton fan.
  • Wall E dvd. For some reason I always fail to buy it, yes Im weird like that.
  • The new Apocalyptica album, I already have tickets to a concert.
  • Cameo with a lady in the ''pride&prejudice &zombies style"   (found them at castlefest!)
  • A big cat scratchingpole. I don't really have anywhere to put it though, hahaha. I'm thinking about putting one below our stairs.
  • A bookcase. same as above: no idea where to put it, but I have way to many books, and I've been piling them next to my bookcases, hahah. I devour books, I'd love to have a whole room just for books. You know, with a fireplace, floor to ceiling books, with stairs that go round the room and really big chairs to crawl into. Unfortunately I'm not that wealthy, so I'll settle for a bookcase.
  • Hello Kitty nailpolish by H&M, Cool Summer 
  • Too Faced Galaxy Glam shadows, Moon Beam
  • Gosh effect powders Limelight, Lemonade, Midnight, Green Gate, Blue Whale, Steel, Green Python.
  • Mac pigment samples.  

  • Konad Mira Clear. Linda of Beautytreat wrote a review about it, and I'm interested in seeing what it would do for me.
  • Benefit POREfessional. I've been reading about this a lot lately, and it looks like something that would be really usefull to me and my nose. Unfortunately there's no Sephora store nearby.
  • Duochrome polishes
  • Holographic polishes
  • OPi DS Extravagance
  • Things with peacockfeathers (I love it when people on twitter send me links with peackcockstuffies :) )
  • Lots of other things I can't remember when I need to, hahaha
Add your recommendations/ musthaves!! ;)

It's really hard for me to make such lists, for example: I wanted leather pants for ages...and it still took my about 5 years before I bought them. And for some weird reason I love it more after such a long wait. I don't really ''need'' things -now-. I never really have that feeling. Well, mb with limited editions that are in store for  a short time, but that doesn't really count? Hahaha.

Anyway, tell me your recommendations or wishlist, to give me new ideas :)