No Face of the Day, cause the Face ain't There

I'm sorry, but the rest of this week, there will be no blogs. If you want an explanation: read on. If you don't: just ignore this and come back on monday.

On wednesday afternoon I got an acute allergic reaction in my face, neck and shoulders. And some on my back and arms. I've only had this once before, last year around the same time, which is weird.
Anyway we still don't know what caused it, probably juice of a plant or some insect that was carried with the wind. It was pretty windy yesterday, so that's all we can come up with, especially since I didn't touch any weird things yesterday.

My face started getting red, with flecks and blisters and it started itching and burning. I can tell you, this isn't fun. I'm used to itching because I had eczema all of my life, but this....this is horrible. Luckely for me, it wasn't as bad as last year, because I had to sit on my hands then to keep myself from scratching. It burns and itches more with every minute that passes and my face starts to swell in places which makes my skin feel really taut.

I called the emergencydocs because it was after closing time, and luckely for me, they gave me some pills last year that we're still usable. I had to take them ofcourse, but since I react really strong to medicine, they told me to start with half a pill. Last year I got a shot, because it was really -bad- and they gave me half the dose after I told them I react strongly. Well I was out for 2 days then and wasn't in the real world for a whole week.
This time I had to take the other half last night, because the blisters wouldn't dissapear. It really sucked, because we were spposed to go and see Sorcerers Apprentice. But we didn't go, because we knew how I would react to the antihistamine. My beloved is the sweetest though, so he went and rented some movies, bought some popcorn, so we could still have a fun night. I made it through Krabat/Master of the black mill, barely, and then fell asleep. Well, it was more of a coma.
Today, I woke up, with still some itchy spots, mostly on my jawline and around my left eye, so we decided I needed another half pill (I have to take the antihistamine untill it's all gone).
I'm pretty high right now, laughing at everything I say(I have no idea why), and I'm a bit dizzy, nauseous and have a mild headache. Mostly, there's just this weird fog in my mind. I'm totally aware of everything around me, but my body isn't. I keep letting things fall from out of my hands, and my speech and such don't react as fast as my mind. Yeah, lots of fun.
So I just called work to warn them, and that I probably shouldn't be behind a cashregister tomorrow. Lol.

Anyway, I didn't have any blogs scheduled anymore, and I can't put anything on my skin right now. So I don't really have anything to blog about. Also, since I'm a bit foggy, blogging might be a bit too difficult for me right now. I'm sure I have used weird grammar or words in this post, hopefully not, I'm concentrating really hard, while writing this. So I hope you all understand why I won't be posting a blog today and tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be back to my old self next week. Still, the antihistamine and it's effects can stay for 1 to 2 weeks....yeah...something to look forward to....*sigh*

So sorry again, and hopefully I'll see you soon!