I've won a SigmaMakeup giveaway!

A while ago, I participated on a giveaway that SigmaMakeup had twittered about. All you had to do was fill in a form with an original twitter about the giveaway with a link. And everyone who pacrticipated through your link, gave you another entry for the giveaway.

To be honest, I forgot all about it: I participate with so many giveaways, and chances of winning are usually pretty slim. But then, just 2 weeks ago (2 days before our 2nd weddinganniversary), one of my followers said ''Do you know you've won the Sigma giveaway?" Well, I didn't. Since Iv'e been having 2 jobs, I can't keep reading all the tweets that have been written, so I usually just check the ones that were directed at me. But, SigmaMakeup had tweeted my full name and not my twittername, and that's why I hadn't seen it. Even when I saw my name there, I couldn't quite believe it. :)

So, just yesterday, this was waiting for me at home:

I love the little card, that they put in the package :)

The brushes came in a black leather brushroll(*drewls*, i love the smell of leather), the retractable kabuki came in a little box, and there also were cleaning instructions and  a booklet with tips on how to use the brushes.

Aren't they pretty? And they are supersoft aswell!. I'm really really happy with the set, even though I just recently(few weeks ago) bought the eyebrushes kit: I adore those, and I love having extras of them. A review will follow soon, I just wanted to use them for a while to write a good review about them.

The retractable kabuki is a really smart invention: this way you can easily carry it in your purse without having the hairs go in different ways:

You can just slide up the bottom to cover up the brush, and then slid on the top, it works perfectly :)

I'm really really happy with this set and can't wait to use them. My experience so far with Sigmabrushes is that they are really soft and super easy to use. I love having an extra set of the eyebrushes, since I like using several brushes at once for different colours. And I'm really curious if I'll find the face brushes just as awesome. :)