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DIY: Hairflowers

Most people know that I'm a big lover of Hairflowers. I own many many different colours, styles and sizes. I also own several  bows and such, but hairflowers really are my thing.

I can't always find the colours I'm looking for, and most of the time, hairflowers can be pretty expensive aswell. So I decided to try and make some myself.

I bought these at a gardencenter:

I had already removed several flowers here, the big white ones had about 5 of them on one stem. I think these are silk, and one branch was about 3 euros. You can get cheaper onast at Xenos and Action! (I already bought gorgeous RED ones at Action in the meantime)

Then all you need is glue(I used the cheap (dries in a second)ones from Action, it glues ANYTHING) , some yarn and a needle, and a hairpiece. I decided on clickclacks, because they stay in the hair much easier than normal pins. They tend to slide, especially with big flowers. And the alligatorbeaks tnd to draw the flowers away from the head.

You start by getting a flower from the stem, which is pretty easy. Then you press the flower firmly together and cut off the end at the bottom, so it's flat. Then you take 2 pencils(I used eyeliners, hahaha), so you can place the flower on it for the glue to dry. If you dont do that, it'll stick to the place where you place it, and if you don't let them dry right side up, the glue will spread through the silk.

Now hold the flower upside down, and carefully place a bit of glue in the center. Make sure it slides along the little tube inside, to all the pieces will glue together. Don't use too much, because it can cause the flower to discolour! After that, place it carefully on the two pencils, with the glued part between them, so it's resting on the leaves.

After the glue is dried, take some yarn in a similar colour and a clickclack. I used child clockclacks for the smaller ones, in pink, so itll match the flower better and it won't be really visible beneath the flower.

Place the clickclack in a way that the hairflower will be in the right position if you put it in your hair, make sure it's (mostly) covered by the flower.

All you have to do now, is sew the clickclack to the flower. The part where the glue is, can be a bit hard though, so it's easier to sew around it. I advice you to just sew the sides to the flower, each with one thread.At first I sewed ribbons around it, to slide the clockclack through, but that way, it wouldn't close properly anymore. So make sure, you leave the middle part free of yarn. I used 2 stitches at the bottom for the big one, to make sure it wouldn't stick out of my head when closed, and to make sure the clickclack would stay in place. For the pink one, which is tinier, I just made a criscross shape at the top, so it woulnd't slide around.

And that's it! I seems like a long story, but trust me, it's pretty easy :)

I actually started to make these as a gift for Linda, but I made some for myself aswell. I might even make some for giveaways and such :)

EOTD & LOTD: Matte Look

I almost never wear matte colours, I'm not sure why. So when I wanted to try the Sleek True Colour Matte lipstick Vamp, I wanted to do a matte look with it. I used the Sleek Monaco palette for my eyes.

 I -was- going for a simple neutral look, but since I wasn't paying attention, I thought Moors Treasure was more turned out to be a bordeauxred. OOPS! So I added some extra colouir in the crease.

I started with Bamboo on the inner eyecorner, and applied Sand Walker next to it.

 Then I applied Moors Treasure above the crease. And a bit of Midnight Garden into the crease. Maybe I'm not a big fan of mattes, because they don't seem to blend as well as shimmers...
(yes I know there's mascara there, I fixed it after the pics ;) )

I only used some NYX Sky Ruise mascara on the lashes, incl the lower ones. I feel naked without eyeliner below my eyes though :(

The awesome lipstick is hard to capture on cam. With flash it turns into a shiney bright red, and without flash it's still brighter than it is in real life:

Some boring lookfotos, I put my hair up with a clip with black hairflowers, and added a bit of Catrice Light Burgundy blush to my cheeks.

I'm not entirely sure what I think about this look, I liked the one with the brown eyeshadow(coming up) better. And I really misse some clour below my eyes!


BTW the GIVEAWAY ends tonight!

Help Please!

Now most of you will know that I'm going to make a Medusa costume for this years Castlefest. I thought it would be fairly easy to get my hands on some small rubber snakes, because I remember them laying in the toysstores years ago but the handfull.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get them ANYWHERE!?!?!
Without the snakes (in my hair), it's not much of a Medusa costume, so if anyone can help me get some, please do!

I have found pictures of these snakes sold in tubes, that were available at Euroland, but ours was sold out of snakes :( They only had the snakes and the spiders left.

 Which holds:

If any of you can get these snakes for me, I'd really appreciate it. I need quite a few, 15-20 orso I'm guessing. They are a bit bigger then I wanted them to be, but since I'm running out of time, I'm not going to be picky.

Or if anyone knows a webshop with such snakes, please let me know!

EOTD: Colourfull Sugarpill ,and Icecream

My fingers were itching to try out my new Decora Sugarpill loose powder. So I decided to match it up with some green and turquoise to match the awesome glitter thats in Decora.

 I used Lumi on the inner eyecorner, and enxt tot that I applied Absinthe.

 Then I applied Decora on the outer V and towards the middle of the eye. I love the glitter in it, to bad you can;t really see it on the pictures. Then Above the crease, I applied Darling, for extra colour.

Since the weather was pretty horrible, it was pouring all day, I decided to use some waterproof eyeliner. It was almost dried out, so thats why its not as neat is it should be. I bought new ones that day ;)
Blow my eyes I had some Black Ink eyeliner by Gosh.

Even though it was raining, I still had an urge for some icecream( I always have that urge, even in winter), so we went to get some.

My hair was plastered to my face because of the rain, oh well...who cares, right?
I took 2 scoops of Lemon, which is my alltime favourite icecream ever, 1 scoop of raspberry, and one scoop of strawberry.

Freya is now living with us.

Sorry guys, I didn't have the time to write a blog last night, because we went to get Freya to come live with us.
She is enjoying herself, and following me around, and eating Loki and Odin's food, hahaha.
Odin and Loki on the other hand don't want to deal with her. They are usually on the other end of the room, and if they do meet, it's a lot of hissing, and growling. They spend the night below the bed, even though Freya slept in the carry on. She likes the carry on, I've given her a mouse and she has been playing most of the night.

But, while typing this, Freya and Loki are looking at eachother and growling less. And NOT running away, so we are getting somewhere, hopefully. I have to watch out when I want to pet Loki and Odin, because they are a bit on edge, and they don't notice us approaching them. But we are trying to give them just as much attention, and I think that's working.

I'm at home this week, to make sure Freya gets to know the house and nothing happens because she's trying to climb in things she's not supposed to climb in. But mostly to make sure Freya, Loki and Odin will bond. Freya has a pretty big attitude for such a little thing, so I think she can manage herself :)

I''ll try to keep up with blogging, but it might happen that one day there won't be one. That's probably a day where they are fighting fot dominance or something.

And while writing that, Freya decided that Loki might be a kewl toy..which Loki did NOT approve off...oh oh. hahahah

EOTD & LOTD: just Sugarpill Goldilux

I wanted to do something simple for work that would match my new top, so I decided to use only Sugarpills Goldilux.

I started with NYX jumbo pencil Black Bean, that I applied as a thick eyeliner, and then blende towards the crease, making it lighter and lighter the further I went above my lashline.

 Then I applied Sugarpill's Goldilux over the eniture eyelid and blended it towards the crease.

 Because the Black Bean is more intense near the lashine, the Goldilux is more intense there aswell. This way, I got a very nice fading shade.

 I applied some black Essence gelliner above my lashes, and some Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Metallic Brass below my eyes.

On my lips Ive applied some Gosh soft n shine Mocha, and on top of that, some Gosh lipgloss no. 64.
I think I'm wearing Essence Psychedelic Blush (LE) on my cheeks, not entirely sure though.

Just a selfmade hairflower in my hair, and I was done! I think I can get away with the top, since it's more an offwhite/beige instead of an in-your-face-white. I really like it, because it's different from others I own. :)

Freya Greebo Goldilux (part 3)

MORE kittenpics! have fun!

She's a little devil....

 Freya does NOT like it when you blow into her face....first cat we own that reacts violently, hahaha.

 Loki the 2nd was scared of the dogs, but still went to see them, time and time again. He is so much like our Loki, it's sometimes a bit scary.

 There's that evil look again...

 Yeah I look tired, and I was, so what? :P

Btw If any of you know what kind of cat Freya may be, please let me know. We have no idea who her father is, and we are curious what he could have been. :)