Review: Zalando

You probably already know about the webshop Zalando, that is mostly known for it's shoes and clothes. A lot of blogs have already written a review about this webshop. And most of you will know that the majority of those reviews were far from positive. So when Zalando contacted me to review a product for them, I told them, that I've read a lot of negative things about them, and that I wasn't sure if I wanted to review them.I wasn't sure if they would email me back after that, but I believe in honesty and I don't want to write positive reviews about something I don't believe in. I did get an email from them though, and they still wanted me to review for them. :)
I believe in second chances and I told them, that as long as they didn't mind that I would write an honest review, I would do it. They gave me a voucher for 25 euro, which meant, that I had to spend at least 26 euros (which would be 1 euro from my own pocket) to use it.

So I looked at their website and finally I came upon this top by Guess:

Now I have to say, that I never look at brands just for the sake of the name, or buy tops this expensive.(Especially not because I can make my own clothing and I work in a clothingstore aswell) But the print really spoke to me, and hubby liked it a lot aswell. I finally decided that I thought this top was special and different enough, especially considering I only had to pay half of it. :)
I was a bit torn about the colour, because it might be too pale for me, but I decided that if it was, at least I could get to review the return policy aswell.

A few days after ordering, the package came:

 It was all packed into a big box, very big for just one top.
 It also had the special airpillows in it, to make sure nothing would break. Ofcourse this wasn't really neccessary with a top, but at least it was packaged well.

I heard a lot of people telling that there wasn't any bubblewrapping in their package when they ordered nailpolish, whih cause breakage, so I think they really learned from those experiences :)

The top itself is beautifull and fits really well. I might take in the waist a bit, but it's not really neccessary. And as long as I make sure to have a bit of colour on my face, it doesn't make me look too pale either. :)

So I was really happy with the product and the contact with the people of Zalando.They were very friendly in their emails, and I got to negotiate about the specific links they wanted me to use aswell. Which I think is really nice, because otherwise I would have had to use a link to something that just wasn't me :). I can't say anything about their return policy ofcourse, but I do think that they deserve a second chance.
We all have to learn and since they are a pretty new webshop, it's probably normal to have some obstacles and I think they learned a lot from their past experiences.

Zalando doesn't just sell shoes and clothes, but they also sell a lot of beauty products, so make sure to check them out. :)

For my Dutch readers:
Zalando Heeft een uitgebreid assottiment van schoenen en kleding. Zelf heb ik gekozen voor een topje van het Guess. Maar Zalando verkoopt bijvoorbeeld ook verschillende beautyproducten.