EOTD & LOTD: Matte Look

I almost never wear matte colours, I'm not sure why. So when I wanted to try the Sleek True Colour Matte lipstick Vamp, I wanted to do a matte look with it. I used the Sleek Monaco palette for my eyes.

 I -was- going for a simple neutral look, but since I wasn't paying attention, I thought Moors Treasure was more brown..it turned out to be a bordeauxred. OOPS! So I added some extra colouir in the crease.

I started with Bamboo on the inner eyecorner, and applied Sand Walker next to it.

 Then I applied Moors Treasure above the crease. And a bit of Midnight Garden into the crease. Maybe I'm not a big fan of mattes, because they don't seem to blend as well as shimmers...
(yes I know there's mascara there, I fixed it after the pics ;) )

I only used some NYX Sky Ruise mascara on the lashes, incl the lower ones. I feel naked without eyeliner below my eyes though :(

The awesome lipstick is hard to capture on cam. With flash it turns into a shiney bright red, and without flash it's still brighter than it is in real life:

Some boring lookfotos, I put my hair up with a clip with black hairflowers, and added a bit of Catrice Light Burgundy blush to my cheeks.

I'm not entirely sure what I think about this look, I liked the one with the brown eyeshadow(coming up) better. And I really misse some clour below my eyes!


BTW the GIVEAWAY ends tonight!