Freya is now living with us.

Sorry guys, I didn't have the time to write a blog last night, because we went to get Freya to come live with us.
She is enjoying herself, and following me around, and eating Loki and Odin's food, hahaha.
Odin and Loki on the other hand don't want to deal with her. They are usually on the other end of the room, and if they do meet, it's a lot of hissing, and growling. They spend the night below the bed, even though Freya slept in the carry on. She likes the carry on, I've given her a mouse and she has been playing most of the night.

But, while typing this, Freya and Loki are looking at eachother and growling less. And NOT running away, so we are getting somewhere, hopefully. I have to watch out when I want to pet Loki and Odin, because they are a bit on edge, and they don't notice us approaching them. But we are trying to give them just as much attention, and I think that's working.

I'm at home this week, to make sure Freya gets to know the house and nothing happens because she's trying to climb in things she's not supposed to climb in. But mostly to make sure Freya, Loki and Odin will bond. Freya has a pretty big attitude for such a little thing, so I think she can manage herself :)

I''ll try to keep up with blogging, but it might happen that one day there won't be one. That's probably a day where they are fighting fot dominance or something.

And while writing that, Freya decided that Loki might be a kewl toy..which Loki did NOT approve off...oh oh. hahahah