Freya Greebo Goldilux (part 2)

Here they are again, lots and lots of pictures of our Freya. Since she will be living with us this weekend, I thought it would be nice to post pictures of her growing up. I divided them in more then one blog, so have fun!

First real steps! She was one of the first to really walk on her own!

I love this one, it's so cute!

With her mother Sophie, awww.

I think this is a beautifull picture of our little Freya :)

Another adorable picture. I love the way their heads seems to fit together. Two parts os a whole :)

Loki the 2nd loves sleeping on my lap, or boob, lol. If not for Freya, I'd have picked this little buddy. He reminds me so much of our Loki. Would be fun to see what two of those could do to a house, hahaha.

Whiskey loves shouting, especially to get attention. When his mom comes over to investigate, he just slaps her, hahaha.

2 little brothers, going to one home. History repeats itself :)