The Makings of a Castlefest Costume

I've been wanting to make a new costume for Castlefest, and even though I've been thinking about a phoenix for quite a while, I changed it to something else instead. I might get around to the phoenix costume someday though.

Can you guess what I'll be?

 At first I was thinking about a dark green taffeta, later about a black leather with a snakeskin print. But I couldn't find what I was looking for.

And then we came across this fabric, and we really liked it. So now, I have to rethink my design and my accessories, because I'm not sure if they will all match with this. Most of those are green, and not every green looks good with silvergrey. The fabric has a really beautifull shine to it.

I'm thinking about an outfit inspired lightly on a Greek peplos, but it might become very LIGHTLY inspired, since I find a peplos rather boring.  I do want to have that Greek feel to it though, so I've been sketching a long skirt with lots of splits in it, and thinking about flowy sleeves. Not sure where I'm going with it yet though.
And I still want to give it my own twist, so I'm thinking about combining it with a leather underbust corset, to give it a bit of an edge.

But for now, I still seek the main ingredient for my costume: little rubber snakes...and I still haven't found them :(