Review: Thierry Mugler, Alien Sunessence Edition Or D'Ambre

A while ago, I bought another Cartier perfume, since one of my favourites is from the same brand.
I got a tester of a new Eau de Toilette, that I really really liked.
So about 1,5 weeks ago, in the weekend when I was working, Sid went to Ici Paris (where we always go) and got me the big bottle. So sweet of him! :) This was waiting for me when I got home:

I love the way they really put some effort in wrapping presents at Ici Paris. :)

The beautifull box:

I'm a big lover of citrus scents, they literally make me happy, and I also like light flowery scents. I really dislike musk or other heavy scents. I also can't stand perfumes that have an alcohol smell to them, alcohol is used in labs to clean glassware, so to me it smells like cleaning supplies. I'm pretty annoying when it comes to picking perfumes, because I have a very particular taste. Which isn't strange, since I wanted to go into the perfume business when I first started my chemistry studies. So how funny is it, that I went to buy a new perfume, that was really different from my usual taste, and came home with a sample that was perfect for me?(curtesy of the lovely Ici Paris saleswoman we always go to if she's there)

Isn't the bottle just to die for? It really gives that summer vibe :) It doens't have a bottlecap that comes of, you can just push the gold on top to use this one.
From Frantica:
The top notes of Sunessence Alien Edition 2011 Limitee Or d'Ambre offer bright and fresh vitamin flavors of kiwi and tonic, a refreshing cocktail that invigorates and stimulates the senses just like the energy of the sun.
The heart of the fragrance is exotic and overwhelming. The wealth of the heart disarms by its feminine and sensual scents of vanilla and Stanhopeaa orchid flowers. The blend of these notes evokes the sunset delights of an exotic garden. The base notes provide a fascinating wealth of amber and woody accords, leaving a gentle trail of fortune, just like a warm touch of sunshine.

I also read some descriptions where they describe Clementine's to be part of the scent. I have to say, I myself definately smell something citruslike. But then again, a lot of perfumes have citrus in them, and it's usually one of the first scents to be smelled, because it vapourizes first. It's fruity, flowery and light, but still warm somehow. What can I say, it's almost -made- for me. Those are definately the words I always use to describe scents I like.

I tend to have a thing for perfumes that are being disontinued or are limited edition. That's why I've had a Chanel perfume as a daily perfume for quite some time, because it wass't as likely to be disontinued. I haven't used that perfume for many years now, since it has los it's appeal to me, but I tend to look for scnets that will stay in the collection for a while. BUT, it tend to be drawn to others like I was now.

This Edition is a LIMITED edition for 2011, I don't know how limited it'll be. And I'll defintely need another bottle of this one before it's discontinued aswell. Oh, and watch closely when you want to buy this one, because other than the Sunessence Or D'Ambre, there's also an Legere edition, which is different and from 2009.