Elf Fantasy Fair Haul

Last sunday, we went to the Elf Fantasy Fair again. Even though we had a lot of fun, I have to say this years fair was my least favourite. It was WAY too crowded, and all the food and drinks were in one place, which made all the roads to that place crowded, and it wasn't fun if you became thirsty and was all the way on the other side of the fair. Also, a lot of our favourite stands weren't there, like Pygmalion, Valkyrie(dutch fantasy artists) and such. We did see a lot more and diverse books, but nothing really special. Well, if you're used to fantasy fairs that is.
That being said, we always have fun, so we had a good time. My parents were there aswell, so it was great to see them again and see the fair through their eyes.

I'm not posting pics yet, because I haven't made a lot and I'm still looking online for some of the pics that have been made of me. I've been photographed a LOT so I at least should be able to find some...hopefully.

So this post is about the stuff we bought. If you're not interested in that kind of stuff, you should stop reading right about now. :)

Something you might not expect at a fantasy fair, but we bought cheese:

 Not just any cheese though. These were special cheeses made by a farmer. Because they were 'handmade' they didn't have a lot of lactose in them anymore either, which is why Sid can eat these. (cheese has lactose in it, which turns into sugar, which isnt good for diabetics). The left one is with yoghurt and somethign lese I've forgotten(I'm more into plain and old cheese) and the right one is with basil and other herbs.

When I recently saw the first behind the scenes clip of The Hobbit by Peter Jackson, I remembered that I don't own the book anymore. So I bought an old edition (Tolkienwinkel.nl , awesome shop!), because I love old and used books. I like those better then new version with special covers and extras. I really liked this edition, I think it's from the 70's. I also found another one from the 60's but I liked this one best.

 A series Sid had owned before, but didn't have anymore. He really wanted to have it again, and they weren't that expensive.

 I grew up with this cartoon, and as a kid I used to replay it with my friends on the playground. I always was the one with the invisibility cloak, because I was the only one who had a coat with a hood. This is a box with the complete series. At first I thought it was cool, but didn't get it, but when we were going home and saw there was just one left, we decided we wanted to have it anyway. It's always fun to have things from your childhood.

 A dvd sid really wanted. It's a box, with lots of extras.

 A dvd for my Studio Ghibli collection, I love those movies!

 Amon Amarth cd we didn't own yet. I know it's not the most complicated of music, but I like this band, it always makes me feel energetic, and I love watching them live. It's always one big party.

 third book of a series I once got in a swap. It's a victorian steampunk novel, with werewolves and vampires. It's an easy read and the main charactre is a bit different than most girls.

 4 new tarot decks for Sids collection. I picked the Art nouveau, because I loved the artwork, and the white cats, because I love cats and it's easy to take with you.

 My new Alchemy necklace. I was intrigued with it, from the first time I saw it online. When I saw it in real life, I was in love. It had gorgeous bluegreen and green stones in it. I think I might build a medusa costume around this one....

 My new Alchemy ring. I love green stones!

 A cameo in a style and colours I don't already own. Something different for a change. I might do a look with this one for the blog. One of the girls of this stand even lived in the town that's next to my birthtown, but we didn't know the same people. We did have some laughs and she made a picture of me with the necklace. Which by the way looked great with my EFF outfit.
If you like different and cute jewelry, you should really check out their site!

An Alchemy necklace Sid literally went back for 3 times, hahaha. He couldn't decide if it was too girly for him, in the end he bought it anyway.

Skullring for Sid, he wanted a pretty basic skullring, and after tryong on many many many rings...we found this one. Sid had really big fingers and we couldn't find any ring that fit, and then we found this one, which fitted -and- was exactly what Sid was searching for.

Ofcourse we also bought food and drinks, but not as much as usual. It was pretty warm, and I didn't feel like eating much.
All in all a pretty good haul!