Small Evil Shades Haul

I know I didn't have a blogpost yesterday, but we went to visit my parents in the weekend, because of their 35 weddinganniversary. By the time we got home I didn't remember to check the blog if I had one scheduled.
Sometimes, life get's in the way of blogging ;)

In the previous order, I had some Mythology eyeshadows, and since I loved those a lot, I ordered some more. This is how it all arrived:

A supercute businesscard and my order:

Same, with the bottom upturned so you can see the colours better:

Phoenix(sample), a light ash grey with red glitter
Gryphon(sample), a beautifull brown with copper/orange glitter
Moirae(sample), looks like a light brown with lighter glitter(silver?), should be purple on the eye.
Drakon, this colour is so hard to describe, but it's a gorgeous multicolour.

Star collection(discontinued):
Midnight Star, a silvergrey chockfull of silver glitter
Celestial Star, a lightblue filled with blue glitters
Morning star, a yellow filled with gold glitter
Fantasy Star, a pink/purple(mauve?) with magenta glitter

2 free samples that I got with the order. They're from the new Faeries collection:

Faeries Song, a beautifull purple with pink glitter.
Faeries Secrets, a brown with green glitter in it