Elf Fantasy Fair, Outfit and makeup

I always want to look for more pics online, but that takes some time, and some people(you know who you are) were nagging me to post some pics. I haven't made a lot this year, but there should be a lot online, since I was photographed a lot. I re-used my first peacock costume, because it was too beautifull to let it hang in the closet and I didn't have time to make a new one. I am however, thinking about a medusa costume. At first I was thinking about a phoenix one, so I'm not sure yet which one will be made first. Might be done for this years Castlefest :)

 Ofcourse there were all kinds of food, even lots of healthy ones. Here's Sid with a Salmon quiche with veggies in it.
 I didn't have a lot of apppetite, due to the warm weather, but I ate some cupcakes like this one below...an a humonous chocolate muffin.
 My parents went to the EFF this year aswell, here's me and my mom figuring out where to pose for the pic:
 Unfortunately not all of them are very sharp, oh well..
 I love this one:
 Look mom! *points* it's a little dog in a sling, on that womans chest!

Me and my parents, a cute pic:

For those of you who don't know my peacock costume, this is what the back looks like:

Some closeups of the makeup. You can find more on it HERE, it's quite similar to the tryout makeup I did. On my nails I wore China Glaze DV8.

 It's done mosylt with Sugarpill (Darling, Hysteric and Absinthe) and Mac Green Brown.

I usually don't make any pics of the other people's costumes, because you fin find loads of those online. But when I find a very gorgeous and/or unique one, I tend to make one anyway.

So awesome!!!! (thnx for posing!)

(do you see what she is????)